About Dumilco

In just over 12 years, Dumilco became a well-known name in South-East Asia The Caribbean, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. However, Dumilco is aiming high.

Our mission is to provide a hassle-free international trade experience

Dumilco aims to be the bridge between different cultures, making international trade as natural as selling nationally. Our credo is, one company, one desk, one partner.

We already are a large player on the global market but aim to be the biggest player worldwide: with the largest own inventory, strong financial positions, and incredibly well-organized logistics.

Our history

Dumilco stands for Dutch Milk Corporation and was founded 12 years ago by Eric van der Ven.

However, Eric’s experience in international trade goes more than a decade back. In total, Eric has over 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship and international business.

He made and strengthened his first business relationships in Asia in 2010 and expanded to the Middle East and Caribbean area since then, while all its international relations are still active clients today.

The focus of Dumilco quickly expanded from infant formulas to beer, wines, fine liquors and cosmetics. Trading in these categories have been the main business driver ever since.

In international trade, your success rate is highly dependent on the relationships and the friendships you build.

Eric’s ability to build and maintain business relationships is what made Dumilco successful. He understands different cultures incredibly well by spending a lot of time with natives. You could say he is the bridge connecting the different cultures together.

Eric is genuine in making and keeping friendships and business relationships. It’s the main reason why people from different continents have been working with him for over a decade in international trade, growing Dumilco to what it is now.

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