Wine & Spirit

Due to quickly increasing demand from our international customer base, we are currently making an inventory of ambitious luxury good & travel wear brands who want to expand internationally.

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Sell wine & spirits in new markets

Already have your own sales channels in place, but looking to expand for more growth and stability? We are ready to go anywhere you are. Find out how we can sell your wine & spirits in new markets today.

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Benefit from our fine selection of the best suppliers

We work with a fine selection of only the best suppliers in The Netherlands. Benefit from our worldwide network of customers and our knowledge and experience to distribute your product effectively.

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It’s never been easier to expand your sales channels

How do you expand your sales channels internationally? There are many ways to do it, but the easiest way to do it is by reaching out to Dumilco. We are your one stop shop for international growth.


Stuck with residual stock?
We can help

Dumilco truly is world class when it comes to international distribution. Not only are we experienced and successful in selling products internationally, but we can also help you to sell residual stock of wine & spirits.

Work with Dumilco to benefit from

  • A large worldwide network of customers
  • International network of customers in retail, wholesale and e-commerce
  • Solid European network of suppliers
  • Strong logistical skills: we provide insight into your entire chain
  • Dumilco’s own customs department: a seamless process for import, export and bonded warehouse

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We have served major international companies to expand abroad. Also interested in working together with Dumilco? Get in touch to find out about the opportunities today.

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