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Do you want to distribute the original Bubble Tea ingredients from Taiwan? Contact us today to find out the possibilities.

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Offer the original taste of Yuca Tea

Dumilco offers the best Yuca Tea ingredients available, directly from its origin, Taiwan.

Offer your customers the best that Yuca Tea ingredients available worldwide. Interested in becoming a distribution partner?

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Why Bubble Tea?

Bubble Tea is on the rise. It’s colorful appearance and complete customizability makes it a unique experience, perfect for social media sharing.

Dumilco offers only the finest ingredients from the best manufacturers, located in the birthplace of Bubble Tea; Taiwan.

Why choose Dumilco?

When you distribute Dumilco’s Yuca Tea we provide you with a smooth experience, by:

  • A small and involved team
  • Certified ingredients from Taiwan with the highest quality standards
  • Quick deliverability, straight from our own stock
  • Fair delivery costs
  • Full support; like workshops and tastings from our very own Yuca Master

Take advantage from our marketing efforts. We promote our product in every country where it’s being sold

A local point of contact for your business

Do business with a Dutch company, with offices in The Netherlands, China and Taiwan. Do business in your language, your timezone.

All of our Bubble Tea ingredients come exclusively from our supplier Ta Chung Ho. From Taiwan, the birthplace of Bubble Tea.

No long waiting or delivery times for our Bubble Tea ingredients, get our products delivery quickly from our own stock.

We can help you to set-up a complete Bubble Tea business as needed. From ingredients, to professional training on how to make the best Bubble Tea.

This is for your business if..

  • You operate a successful distributing business and want to expand by offering new excellent products.
  • You are a big franchise that wants to sell our products with a private white label.

Interested in distributing the original taste of Bubble Tea? Get in touch

Is your distributing business ready for the next outstanding market opportunity? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.

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