Success stories

Dumilco has been helping brand be succesfull around for 10+ years. See below some examples.

Alfa beer

A perfect fit for the asian markets

Alfa wanted to go international and share their passion. In close cooperation with the Dumilco teams in The Netherlands and in China, we further developed their product.
Yuca Tea

The biggest world wide food trend

Dumilco has been able to import Bubble Tea ingredients from one of the top Taiwanese manufacturers to distribute the ingredients within Europe.
Hooghoudt Genever

Expanding reach in the Middle East

Hooghoudt wanted to expand their reach to duty free stores, to get in front of an international audience. Dumilco assisted the Dutch genever company by connecting them to international duty free distribution channels. Hooghoudt is currently visible in duty free stores at airports in the Middle East, increasing their branding, reach and sales.

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