Bringing Yuca Tea to every shopping district in Europe

Dumilco is importing Yuca Tea with the intention of making it available in every shopping district in Europe.

The opportunity

Eric, the founder of Dumilco, has been in China over more than 50 times. During one of his stays in 2017, he was introduced to Bubble Tea. After he took his first sip, he was convinced; this drink is something special.

Eric began learning more about the ingredients and the incredible diversity in flavors and colors. He saw the opportunity to bring Yuca Tea to Europe, with the ambition of making it available in every shopping district.

The approach

Yuca Tea was the start of a completely new brand and company. At first, we made sure we had the inventory to serve Europe with the best bubble tea ingredients available worldwide. To guarantee the best quality products, we are working exclusively with the best supplier in Taiwan, Chen en Food Product Enterprises Co ltd, from the birthplace of Bubble Tea.

After building the right inventory for Yuca Tea ingredients, we built the brand. Starting with a great website and other brand assets to help us to begin the roll-out of Yuca Tea in Europe.

Currently, we are in the roll-out phase in The Netherlands and have a dedicated sales team up and running.

The results

At this point in time, more than 100 stores in The Netherlands that sell Yuca Tea. The number is expanding quickly, and we estimate to grow to up to 300 Dutch stores that offer Yuca Tea in 2023.

Starting from January 2023, we will also start our activities in Belgium, France and Spain.

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