Houghoudt: ready for the next step

How Hooghoudt got ready to expand to new markets for their high-end genever.

The challenge

Hooghoudt genever is very popular with the older Dutch generations. However, the younger Dutch generation is not embracing this typical dutch drink in the same fashion. Thus, it became paramount for Hooghoudt to tap into new markets to sell more of their product.

They decided to go global, starting with the Middle East and China. Dumilco partnered up with Hooghoudt for distribution and branding overseas.

The approach

China and the Middle East we’re high on the list of Hooghoudt as a potential place to branch out to. Dumilco has extensive experience with global trade and distribution in both parts of the world, allowing Hooghoudt to get up and running quickly.

For the Middle East, we took the duty free approach. This is a great way to establish brand awareness and researching which audience prefers the product, while also increasing sales for Hooghoudt.

In China, we are getting ready to sell Hooghoudt in the catering industry because it fits the local market better. All the preparations have been made and Hooghoudt is about to get ready to be sold in bars.

The results

Hooghoudt is ready for the next step. We’ve with the strategy and implementation for going overseas to the Middle East and China, to get up and running quickly.

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