Everybody drinks Alfa in South-East Asia

Alfa is a great fit for the Chinese market. Dumilco aided Alfa in moving to South-East China. Discover how.

The challenge

For Alfa, it wasn’t the first time that they tried expanding to Asia. Their first experience with another distributor was unprofitable, so they we’re hesitant to go for another try. But when we reached out to Alfa, we we’re confident that all the ingredients for a successful expansion we’re available.

The approach

Dumilco knows the Asian market well. They know which characteristics are important for a product to succeed in Asia and saw that Alfa beer has a high potential of being embraced by the local audience.

Premium heritage beer, brewed with spring water, is exactly what the Asian market looks for. To create an even better fit for the local market, we proposed to make some adjustments in the brewing process.

The results

Alfa Beer is currently being sold in South-East Asia and performing very well. The product is being sold in bars and convenience stores throughout the South-East. It’s safe to say, you will never have to look far to find Alfa.

The beer is already established in the local market. We can confidently say: everybody drinks Alfa in the South-East Asian region in the future!

Since 2018, our valued partner Dumilco takes care of all distribution in China. By creating short and direct lines between our partner Dumilco and our brewery, we ensure transparent and fast communication.

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